Agreement On Santander Online Services For Personal Customers

12.1 This agreement is for you personal and you cannot transfer your rights or obligations to others. We can transfer our rights and obligations at any time. “Agreement” refers to the agreement you enter into with us, which includes these terms, your terms of account, the legal details of the site and the legal details of our application; 10.5 We can terminate the use of one of the services at any time by written notifications of at least 2 months (including email or text notifications). 8.2 Our digital services can use your location data or information on your device to prevent and detect fraud. For example, we can verify that you are in the country where your payments are made in cases where we suspect fraud in your account. We will not use this information for any other purpose. The personal assistant who helps you with everyday tasks and unforeseen events. c) Have access to the notification service through the various warnings available to get balance and transaction information on your selected account (for more information, please see Condition 9). You will find detailed information about the notification service and notification services currently available on our online banking site and are available in our telephone banking agencies and services. and (h) take appropriate steps to keep your devices (including your PC, device and mobile phone that you have registered with us for the use of one of our services) and not leave your device unattended without blocking access, so that it cannot be used for access or use of a service (including the notification service). 14.3 You can terminate notification services at any time in accordance with the process described above in condition 9.6. Mobile Payments Service refers to the mobile payment service that is maintained and operated by the operator and which we make available to our customers via the Santander mobile payment service.

For more information, please see Condition 5; 1.2 These conditions apply only to the services they include. The underlying accounts are subject to separate conditions. 6.1 We can make operational changes to the way services are accessed at any time. We inform you of these changes, either by placing a message on our website, via your mobile device, or by SMS, email or mail. 1. (a) an identifier (also known as a personal ID, customer ID or personal identification number) 8.4 If you receive a suspicious email, please do not open it or click on the links it contains, but report it immediately by forwarding the email to