Build Over Agreements Sewers

You have thought about improving your property by enlarging it or even finding a perfect location to build a new home. If you dream of all the future possibilities, you will notice a well or even wells exactly where the foundations of a new structure would go. If pipelines are available where you plan to build, it is very advisable to get permission from Thames Water. So when we answer the question, can I build through a channel? The answer in principle is yes! But it depends on your circumstances. When it comes to building an agreement on Class 3 pipelines, the complexity increases considerably. Consideration should be given to the additional costs involved and the time considerations that will be taken into account when the construction project continues. Each building control agency working under our “protocol” returns all cases where we need a more in-depth construction contract. In certain circumstances, we may issue a retroactive construction agreement if the work has already been done above or near a public sewer. This is only exceptionally the reason. We will not know what is needed before filing a claim and we have seen your plans and related sewers The other possibility is that the seller will give the buyer compensation insurance to protect against the financial losses resulting from the construction of the property via a public sewer.

It is the fastest and cheapest option, but whether or not insurance is available depends on the circumstances of each case. For all excavation work within 3 metres of a public sewer or sewer, a Thames Water Build over Agreement is required. Given the density of construction in London and other cities, this probably means that all the work you intend to do for your domain, including excavations, will likely require the verification and approval of Thames Water. We saw a case where the owner assumed that the contractor had handled the Thames Water Build over Agreement, while the contractor assumed it was the owner. This confusion resulted in a four-week delay in the work, while location studies were conducted, plans were drawn up and Thames Water Engineer visited the website. The images are from the document: – Construction above or near a public channel For more information on building a public channel, contact us at the They will also tell us if they find that the affected sewers/sewers are in poor condition or if the soil conditions are unsatisfactory. In this case, we will visit one of our own inspectors on the site to see what needs to happen next.