Tedx Sponsorship Agreement

You should contact the right person (or person) in the business, someone who can make decisions about sponsorship meetings. (You can usually find it on the “via” or “contact” page of your website.) If you`re still not sure, talk to someone from the Enbverwaltung. For more information, take a look: www.ted.com www.ted.com/tedx you`ll learn more about safeguarding and managing partnerships in the following pages, but refer to this ten-step sponsorship process as a general guide: TED and TEDx Sponsorship is very different from the traditional sponsorship you usually see at a conference or event. It is important to know our philosophy and approach. It`s incredibly helpful for sponsors to see a detailed plan of what sponsorship might look like, including the value and what they`ll get from partnering with your TEDx event. This sponsor package can include: 3 TED SIULavale X x – event organized independently What we offer! At TEDx, we approach sponsorship differently. We consider our sponsors as partners who participate in a project. Your logo appears in the printed program/logo appears on your own slide during the pre-show, Intro and Breaks/Logo appears on the site. Your banners and Flexes in Symbiosis Lavale Campus your logos on selected slides on your TEDx videos.

Print your logo on TEDx T-shirts Once you`ve made contact with your potential sponsor, it`s important to know what you want, which is what you want to communicate. Bangalore Symposium. Platinum Sponsor Exclusive US 13,000 Recognition (w/ logo) on the stage of the conference Base on site Banner Space to The Recording. TED is an annual event that brings together world leaders of thinkers and doers to exchange ideas that are important in all disciplines: technology, entertainment, design, science, humanities, economics, development. The conference lectures, called TED lectures, are then provided free of charge to see for free on TED.com. To view this video, please enable JavaScript and consider an upgrade to a web browser that supports HTML5 video “Who” and “How” are two important things to keep in mind when contacting sponsors. 5 TED SIULavale X – event organized independently of partner type characteristic Special Avenues Travel Partner For transportation speakers organize. Presence of banners on all travel carriers for loudspeakers. TEDxSIULavale Advertising and mention instead catering Partner Provide food and drink for the 150 guests during the day of the event Allowed to host corporate buffet Partner Provision of Corporate Buffet Branding at the un venue Publicity and mention coming Merchandise partner An entity willing to produce the merchandise related to official TEDxSIULave merandchise TEDxSIULAVLAV. to give/are sold to all feature participants in all products related to TEDx SIULavale Stationery Partner A company is ready to produce the official TEDxSIULavale catalog. Print Media Partner Produce roll-ups, collateral, accreditation, badges, print media for the Media Partners Conference Implementation of the social media strategy, newspaper brand, SMS channels, etc., in order to obtain public access and participation of TEDxSIULAVALE in the Database of Commission participants to create blogging support for the event – all the above features and the provision can be submitted to additional complements.